“For this scribbler, the highlight of the night was the discovery of Edmonton’s self-styled Swamp Blues Queen Kat Danser, a woman with a commanding presence, powerful and expressive voice and a deft touch on guitar and other stringed instruments. In a word, her performance glistened.”

David Farrell – FYI Music Massey Hall’s 25th Anniversary of the Women’s Blues Revue

Kat Danser official

“Baptized By The Mud is a masterful musical journey which will leave the listener in awe with its sincere vocals, lyrical genius, and class musicians.”

Clive Rawlings (Blues Matters! 2014)

“Gorgeously produced by Steve Dawson, Kat Danser’s new release, Baptized By The Mud, offers a gloriously refreshing combination of acoustic blues and gospel stitched together by the sort of seamless groove you might expect from a soundtrack curated by T Bone Burnett.”

Alan Kellogg (Penguin Eggs 2014)

“Baptized by the Mud is, quite simply put, a masterful musical journey that should have no problem leaving you with a sense of awe. Danser’s sweet vocals, lyrical genius and instrumental prowess are the kind of music that is far, far too rare.”

John Vermilyea – Blues Underground Network (2014)

“… paying respect to the past and doing her part to take music forward. Baptized by the Mud is sonically gorgeous with a glowing mix of stringed instruments from Danser and album producer, Steve Dawson.”

Roger Levesque – Edmonton Journal (2014)


“… conjures the deep blues of more southern climes – if not the very Crossroads where the blues began – Danser proves a talent that doesn’t come along often.”

Eric Thom – Maverick UK (2011)