The Tall Tales


Jimmy Guiboche

Band Leader

Watching Jimmy Guiboche is a testimony of a true blues soul. He is one of Canada’s premier blues guitarists, a reputation he earned in the theatres, clubs, and bars as a session leader for many international acts including Sean Carney, Little Mike, and James Harman.


Chris Brzezicki


Chris Brzezicki is a Master of the Low End. His quiet and gentle demeanour on stage masks a fierce musician who is a first-call side musician in Canada and a foundational piece of the Tall Tales. You name them and Chris has likely played with them on many of his national and international tours.


Kelly Kruse


No one is cooler or more generous than Kelly Kruse. ‘Rock’ and ‘solid’ were words invented for this groovy drummer who is no stranger to sitting in the drummers throne for international blues acts. His positivity and good-vibe lays between all the rhythms he carves in performance.